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Ημέρες 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Language 4 4 4
Φωτογραφίες 5 10 Unlimited
Text 4 10 Unlimited
Videos 1 4 Unlimited
More Sites F/T/IN Aftab Int Package
Στατιστικά Year 6 Month Monthly
Support 24/7
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Step by Step Marketing Approach

  1. We list your company and your brand in Farsi and in English on and on the classified section of the biggest portal for Farsi speakers in the world, ranked on the top 1% of the world's websites (according to which provides to your business a strong introduction to this niche market.

  2. Once you see the results of our listing and improvement of your website traffic, been accepted by our market's customer base, then we can help your business by listing your products and services to be sold online in this niche market with minimal discretionary involvement from your part. We are providing the payment system, logistic system and a broad range of other services for your business to position itself and capture a share of the market with minimum participation from your side while we are targeting to maximize revenue using our A-Z solution.

  3. After being successful in selling your products and services to the Farsi speaking market and seeing the good results that we are confident we can provide for you, then you could choose to expand and grow the share of the market by having physical presence Effectively with minimum capital investment and also minimum risk, and based on your success, you can increase your presence and your market share. The idea is to provide your business a real opportunity for launching in this nascent and rapidly growing market, with low cost / high impact coverage, providing to your company a step by step solution for entering and developing your business.